Night edition, Saturday February 5, 2022

By registering for the Trail des Callunes, runners undertake to respect these regulations.

Any participant in this race will take the route defined by the organizers.


Three races are organized open to all, licensed or unlicensed

  • 11km distance authorized for athletes born in 2006 or before Time Departure 6:30 p.m.

  • 24 km distance allowed for athletes born in 2004 or before. Time Departure 6:00 p.m.

As the events take place at night, the circuit will be closed to all traffic.

Runners must be equipped with a headlamp,

For the distance of 24 km, provide a whistle and a survival blanket


  • Registration fees :

  • 11€ for the 11km   /  17 € for the 24kms   

  • An increase of 2€ will be applied for registrations on the day of the race


Online registration see dedicated section on the site  and on  

Or Entry forms to be sent by post to:

Richard Garnier Trail des Callunes 3B Gemainfaing 88210 Ban de Sapt

Registration forms are available on the website and on request we will send it to you by email

They must be accompanied by the entry fees (check payable to Trail des Callunes) as well as a photocopy:

  • of the 2021-2022 license (competition) for FFA licensees

  • the certificate of no contraindication to running "In competition" (dating back less than a year to the date of the event), for non-licensees.

This certificate must include the handwritten mention "certified true to the original" followed by the dated signature.

Without payment of the registration fees, or certificate or copy of license, the registration will not be taken into account. 

All commitments are personal. No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason. Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held liable in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. Anyone with a bib acquired in breach of these rules may be disqualified. The bib must be fully legible during the race. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.

Possibility to consult your registration on the site


  • 11km  distance allowed for athletes born in 2006 or before 

  • 24 km distance allowed for athletes born in 2004 or before


The first 3 in the men's scratch and the first 3 in the women's scratch will be rewarded.

Due to the covid-19 epidemic, prize giving will take place as soon as the race finishes, and outside

The cups and awards are left to the discretion of the organizers. 


Saturday February 5 from 4:30 p.m. at the communal hall of Ban de Sapt

For licensees on presentation of the valid FFA license + valid identity card or copy

For non-licensees provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to running "In competition" (dating back less than a year to the date of the event) or a copy + valid identity card or copy

Bibs must remain pinned on the chest until the finish line.

All runners without a bib will be excluded from the race and will not cross the finish line.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there will be no changing rooms or bag lockers.

There will be no display of the results, they will only be available online at the latest within 24 hours on the course website.


Covid 19 device

This document includes the entire health system and lists the operational guidelines put in place in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to ensure the safety of all those present at the race.

This system was established after joint reflection between the organizers of the race, following the health recommendation guides published by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and by the French Athletics Federation (FFA).

Sanitary pass:

The presentation and validity of the Sanitary Pass will be checked at the entrance to the site for all persons participating in the various races at the  accompanying persons as well as all the volunteers, provided that this evolves towards the vaccination pass 

The health pass consists of the digital presentation (via the all anti covid application) or paper of a health proof among the following 3 

- Vaccination, on the condition that people have a complete vaccination schedule and the necessary time after the final injection

- The negative PCR or Antigenic test certificate of less than 24 hours (self-test not valid)

- The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test more than 11 days old and less than 6 months old


Wearing a mask:

Even if the extent of the field allows individuals to easily respect physical distances, wearing a protective mask will be compulsory for all participants and members of the organization. Inside the starting area, wearing a protective mask will be compulsory for all runners until their start.

During the race, runners must keep it on their person in order to put it back on as soon as they leave the finish area.

Withdrawal of bibs: They will take place on February 5 from 4:30 p.m.

- Establishment of a one-way traffic route for the recovery of bibs in the village hall of Ban de Sapt

- Provision of hydroalcoholic gel 

- Flows regulated according to the reception capacity of the place

- Presentation of contactless identity documents

Hydroalcoholic gel will be available in self-service at the various strategic points: toilets, entry/exit of the bib delivery area and others.


On the Fort'iche (24km), only water will be available to runners halfway through.

The runners must be equipped with a flask / beaker / personal cup which they must present to the volunteers in place of the water point.

Volunteers in charge of supplies will be equipped with protective equipment to serve them. No solid food will be available at this aid station. The refreshment tables are regularly cleaned and disinfected by the organizers.

For the 2 races:

The final supply will be in the form of a stocked bag given individually to each runner. Filled bags will consist of individual bottles and single-packed food, no self-service.


The WHO does not recommend the routine wearing of disposable gloves (as this can increase the risk of transmitting germs and washing your hands would reduce offers better protection against Covid-19). Therefore, no staff will be equipped with disposable gloves.

  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there will be no changing rooms or bag lockers.


Runner's Charter - Post Covid Commitment

Aware that participation in any event must be done in strict compliance with the health rules transmitted by the government and our environmental values, as a runner of the event I undertake to:

The presentation and validity of the Sanitary Pass will be checked at the entrance to the site for all people taking part in the various races, as well as for the public present.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in all indoor places, but also in the start and finish areas of the race before crossing the start line and after crossing the finish line.

The organizer reserves the right to change these rules according to the current health context and the regulatory obligations that will apply to him or specific requests from the competent authorities.

- Immediate prize giving, upon arrival of the first three and the first three of each race.

- Physiotherapy care, lockers and changing rooms are removed

Do not attend the event if:

• I have a fever of ≥ 38°C on the day of the event

• I have had signs or symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 14 days; a continuous cough, fever, change or loss of taste/smell.

• I have been in contact with a sick or symptomatic person in the past 14 days.

• I have traveled in the last 14 days to a foreign country where HIV transmission

Covid-19 is very active and ongoing.